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CAD Engineer
San Jose, CA 95134, USA
How does the idea of bringing the next generation of 3D technology to the mass market excite you? This is a challenging responsibility that requires good understanding of
intranet web environments, tool environments, libraries, licenses and
related areas. Good inter-personal skills are required to work with a large
group of internal customers. This person will be responsible for keeping
the tools, licneses, web information and machine/user unix environments
updated. Several scripts and small program may need to be written to
accomplish these tasks.

Requires a BSEE (MSEE preferred); 2+ years' experience; and knowledge of
Opus (DFII). Skill programming a must as is familiarity with layout editors like Virtuoso and schematic editors (i.e. Composer and Analog Artist). Knowledge of C, C++, Java, html, csh, and Perl a plus. A background handling licenses, machines and other system admin tasks is helpful, as is experience with database management tools like Clear Case,CVS, SCCS, or TDM (Cadence). DesignSync (synchronicity) expertise is highly desired.

To explore this challenge forward your resume to:

Dept. CMJ
4435 Fortran Drive
San Jose, CA 95134

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