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Circuit Design Engineer
San Jose, CA 95134, USA
How does the idea of bringing the next generation of 3D technology to the mass market excite you? As a Circuit Design Engineer, you will work with senior/staff engineer to implement digital circuits for the high density, high performance next generation graphic processors. Duties will include circuit design and analysis, and post layout parasitic extraction. The engineer will also work with layout designer on
implementations of circuits in layout. Additional responsibilities for
candidates involve interaction (place and route) of large, logic function
blocks, as well as full chip integration of placed and routed function
blocks; candidate will work in a highly interactive team environment
consisting of circuit, logic, and CAD engineers and layout designers. This
is a great opportunity for new graduates.

Requires a BSEE or equivalent (MSEE preferred) and a detailed understanding of CMOS digital circuit design and analysis techniques in combinational logic, storage elements and memories. Must be familiar with circuit simulators (SPICE/HSPICE). Experience in CMOS design project from concept to silicon would be helpful. Realization/characterization is a plus.

To explore this challenge forward your resume to:

Dept. CMJ
4435 Fortran Drive
San Jose, CA 95134

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