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Team Run 2008 - Karthikeyan Easwaramoorthy Homepage

Team Run 2008

Karthikeyan Easwaramoorthy

I am sincerely participating in half-marathon training sessions for past 12 weeks to participate in the Sanfrancisco Marathon Event that comes on Aug 3rd, 2008. I haven't run more than 30 min continuously in the past. But all got changed when my native school teachers did contact me to help that school and kids studying there. Yes - now I can run 13 miles with no stop because of training I have taken.

TEAM is the channel partner with SFO run to arrange training session and coordinate pledges. TEAM is a non profit organization which helped 1000 schools in India by the regular 1000 TEAM member contributions. TEAM is to help our choice of school back in India.

I have committed to that school to raise $100/mile. I.e. $1310.00 (13.1 mile) and going to donate this amount to that school.

You can consider the following pledge amount per mile to help my school.

  1. $1 per mile * 13.1 miles = $13.10.
  2. $2 per mile * 13.1 miles = $26.20.
  3. $3 per mile * 13.1 miles = $39.30
  4. $4 per mile * 13.1 miles = $52.40
  5. $5 per mile * 13.1 miles = $65.50

Click here to pledge Or Visit HERE

If you are excited and want to run to improve your health to help your choice of school, feel free to contact me. Here are some links to start with

  1. Join us at
  2. TEAM marathon runners on training

Thank you so much for your contributions.

Karthikeyan Easwaramoorthy

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